Marko Ivanovic

Marko Ivanovic

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First Name * Marko
Last Name * Ivanovic
Username * Comar93
Country * Serbia
City Novi Sad
Nationality Serbian
Languages EnglishSerbian



Availability: Freelance
Twitter @JoexLegacy
Skype JoexLegacy



3D artist, composer, designer and all-around computer savvy. My dream is to inspire the world with my art.

For as long as I can remember, I've been working on improving my skills as an artist. My dream has always been to work in a professional VFX studio, creating awesome characters and worlds and bringing them to life. Improving as an artist is my everyday objective and my goal is to take one step at a time to achieving my dreams. My inspiration comes from the amazing CG movies made by studios like Blizzard Entertainment and Blur. Other than CG, I enjoy composing music and am really passionate about bodybuilding.
My current focus is on getting as much experience in the CG industry as I can, as I have finished high school and have decided to dedicate all of my time towards achieving my goals and dreams as an artist.


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